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Destination Weddings + Events

Honeymoons, Couple Getaways, Milestone Birthdays, Group Celebrations & Incentive Trips!

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What is a destination wedding or event?


Simply defined when you are hosting your wedding or celebration in a place where you do not reside.

Therefore this could be areas that are state side yet miles or event states away from where you are located. 


Why hire a destination planner - we know the questions to ask venues and vendors to orchestrate your celebration; and by working with DESIGNS BY LADY VYE we have networks all over the United States that expands our resources to curate the stress free celebration that you desire. 

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Out of Country

Caribbean Destinations

With COVID-19 ongoing changes with travel and resort restrictions; we've decided to keep our out of country celebration assistance limited to Sandals and Beaches All Inclusive Resorts.  They offer an comprehensive vacation protection program that will allow you to make arrangements and travel with a peace of mind.  And with their unbeatable All Inclusive experience we feel that their resort locations are the best fit for our clients. 


Are perfectly held at Sandals. 

The resorts at Sandals are uniquely designed with the couple in mind. 

Resort destinations include:

✦ Antigua ✦ Bahamas ✦ Barbados ✦ Curacao ✦ Grenada ✦ Jamaica ✦ St. Lucia 



Are perfectly held at Beaches. 

The resorts at Beaches are uniquely designed diverse group activities; to be enjoyed by all. 

Resort destinations include:

 Jamaica ✦ Turks and Caicos

Best thing...

Rates are the same as Sandals + Beaches published online rates; there are no upcharges or increases. 

You can add on an optional professional service fee of $150; that allows us to customize an information packet to send to your invited guest that is a reflection of your celebration and contains information with ease. 

✦ You don't have to waste time online or on the phone to make changes to your services; we take care of it for you. 

✦ Want us onsite with you to handle all onsite affairs and to ensure things go as planned; is simple as travel and accommodations.  This allows us to be onsite to direct your wedding celebration and/or be the lead host of your celebration so that you can truly enjoy the experience yourself. 

First, let me thank you for all of your hard work and dedication in planning Danielle & Teddy’s wedding. Everything turned out great! -Mrs. Thornton, Mother of Bride

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